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Our Programmes

  • 18 and Above of Age
  • RM8,500 for Malaysian Students
  • RM11,250 for International Students

Vocational Certificate Level​

Programme Duration​

8 Months


 January  |  April  |  July  |  October

Programme Overview​

Programme Chapters​

  • Introduction to the Professional Gaming Community​
  • Character developement based on Colour Personality Test
  • Communication Skills and Team Building Exercise
  • In-depth Game Studies and Analysis
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Practical Professional Constant Regime - Competing at Local & International Tournaments under credited hours

Chapter  1  |  Colour Personality Test

Chapter  2  |  Health

Chapter  3  |  Game Mechanics

Chapter  4  |  Media Ethics

Chapter  5  |  Drafting

Chapter  6  |  Post Game Breakdowns /Game Analysis

Chapter  7  |  Meta Studies

Chapter  8  |  Social Media Management

Chapter  9  |  Emotional Control

Chapter 10 |  Tournaments

Professional Esports (Dota 2) Athlete Programme​

A pathway to become a Professional Esports Athlete, Streamer, Coach, Manager and/or Analyst.​

AFINITI Medini is strategically poised in the heart of the nation's main southern economic corridor, Iskandar Malaysia. Accessible via many major highways and lying in the midst of world-class amenities, amongst them, the education enclave of EduCity at Iskandar, the renowned Legoland Malaysia, the Johor State Administrative Centre of Kota Iskandar and Gleneagles Medini Hospital​.​

Where We Are

Come and learn from some of the best in the Esports Industry. Professionals with years of
experience in the Esports Industry, providing you all the essential knowledge you need
to begin your journey into Esports.


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A pathway into the fundamentals of before, during and after an Esports (Dota 2) Event.

Esports (Dota 2) Events Management Programme

Programme Career Path​

Chapter 1  |  Fundamentals of Event Management

Chapter 2  |  Colour Personality Test

Chapter 3  |  Event Venue Setups

Chapter 4  |  Event Facilities and Technical Preparation Coordination

Chapter 5  |  Event Supply Chain/Logistic Coordination

Chapter 6  |  Event Execution Coordination

Chapter 7  |  Event Customer Relation Service (CRS)


Programme Chapters​

8 Months


 January  |  April  |  July  |  October

  • 18 Years Old and Above
  • RM8,500 for Malaysian Students
  • RM11,250 for International Students
  • Events Venue Setup
  • Event Facilities and Techical Preparation Coordination
  • Event Supply Chain/Logistic Coordination
  • Event Execution Coordination
  • Event Customer Relation Services (CRS)
  • Experience challeges faced when involved in events management

Vocational Certificate Level​

Programme Duration​

Programme Overview​

Our Team

Wilson “ShenGG” Quak


ShenGG played professionally since DotA 1, making him a veteran in the scene. He was previously the captain of Team Invasion. He achieved an all-time Top 3 finish in every Malaysian Dota 2 tournament he participated between 2012-2015. 


ShenGG has a rich insight of the strategic aspect of Dota 2 and proficient skills in analysing hero drafts. His years of experience as a team captain makes emotional and physical difficulties often faced by teams seem like child’s play.

Muhammad “Groov” Yusuf


Groov is recognised as one of the top Invokers in the world. He previously worked as an Esports journalist for MeetYourMaker (mym.com) back in 2012. Groov is also a professional caster back in 2013 under organisations such as Dotabeyond and Netolic.


Groov is an also established Dota 2 coach. He has ample experience in helping players ranging from newbies to professional Esports athletes, making him more than qualified to be a coach of The Academy Of Esports (AOES).

Kieran ”ZergRush” Lam

Principal | Head Coach

Well known for his aggressive play style, Zergrush broke into the esports scene by achieving the prestigious No.1 ranking in Heroes of Newerth’s (HoN) Ranked MMR Ladder in the South East Asia (SEA) region back in 2009. He eventually made the switch to Dota 2 and has since been playing with the best players in the local scene.

Our Prestigious Partners​


​Email : info@academyofesports.com.my

Tel: (+60)10-5653294

Website: www.academyofesports.com.my

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